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In the not so distant future, a new era has dawned. Once a form of casual entertainment, card games have become a necessary part of our lives and culture with billions of players across the globe.

The most popular is Vanguard, rooted in the mystical planet Cray; where both magic and science have advanced hand-in-hand and gods, demons and dragons roam the land. Here, two rivals - Aichi Sendou and Toshiki Kai - battle it out, each seeking their destiny in the world of Vanguard!

A collaboration between manga-ka Akira Ito (Yu-Gi-Oh!), Satoshi Nakamura (Duel Masters) and Bushiroad president Takaaki Kidani, the animated series Cardfight!! Vanguard is now an exciting trading card game!

Each box contains 30 packs

Each pack contains 5 random cards.

For ages 9+

RRP: 2.50 each

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